What to do and wear on Valentine‘s Day

Hi all!

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I have prepared for you 5 date ideas and outfits.

If you are intrigued, keep reading!

1. Anti V-day

Every V-Day, the single people feel alone, so many club and bar owners came up with the idea to make an Anti V-Day Party.

If you are single, go at one of this parties. Have fun! Dress up!

What to wear?

My rock punk Carrie Bradshaw outfit. This outfit says everything you’d want it to say. You are girly and feminine but also wild and strong. It is perfect for clubbing and also for giving you confidence and strength.

Shop the faux-leather crop top here and the tutu skirt here.

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2. Rooftop party

Rooftop parties are great. You have a view of the entire city and it is very romantic. It is cold enough so that your valentine holds you in his arms and keeps you warm.

What to wear?

This silk pattern kimono dress with faux-fur sleeves. This dress is classy and elegant! Not to mention that is the latest trend.

Shop the kimono dress here.

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3. Picnic in park

It’s still cold in February but still not so cold that you cannot have a romantic picnic in the park.

What to wear?

This long beige A-line skirt with a sweater and this faux-leather black vest with faux-fur.

Shop the A-line skirt here and the faux-leather vest here.

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4. Cocktail party

Have you planned a party with your Valentine and your friends. You planned to drink some cocktails and have fun?

What to wear?

I have the perfect cocktail dress for you! An amazing yellow midi slim dress. It is perfect for this occasion. Not only is it very glamorous but it is also sexy and vivid.

Buy this yellow slim dress here.

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5. Dinner with your Valentine

Did you decided to make a reservation at an elegant restaurant and have a romantic dinner with your love? Amazing. A very classy decision!

What to wear?

This transparent midi dress! An amazing décolleté! In the low light of candles, this dress will show your body in a sexy way! Enough to make your Valentine see how amazing your body is!

Buy this midi transparent dress here.

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Hopefully, I helped you!

(This is no sponsored post. The clother are designed by me.)

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