How to rock the gingham ruffle skirt

The gingham ruffle skirt is a statement piece this season. It sits high on the waist, it is finished in a midi length perfect for dressing up with heels or with trainers. I am a high heels lover so, of course I will present this skirt with heels. As you see this skirt has a maxi drill detail on the hem. Front button fastening on the side. I love this skirt because it is my own design so of course, it is like my baby. I will soon open an etsy shop but until then I will sell my designs on Instagram.

Let’s be honest, this skirt is definitely worth to invest in. You can adapt it even in autumn with a sweater. But now it is still summer so I will show you how I worn it. I took an off-the-shoulders white top(also made by me) with a pair of mule heels. I put two chocker shoes, one that is traditional romanian and one that is black with swarovski crystals. As for sunglasses, I have some from Dolce&Gabanna that are also with a gingham pattern. I took my favorite bag this summer, a basket that I found at a thrift shop. Yes, I buy things from thrift shops too, because honestly everyone can create a look using only high-end brands. As for earrings I used some white clips.

Please share your opinion in the comments, also if you want to see more of my designs, follow me on Instagram @marazotadesigns.

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  1. Love the wrap around detail of this midi skirt. Such great colors for fall too.

    1. Thank you girl!❤️😍

  2. This ruffle skirt is so fun! I love the shoes you paired with it!

    Amanda ||

  3. Love this skirt!!! Cute hair as well!!

  4. First I love gingham, and second love ruffles. With the combination this skirt is perfect. Love the style and look of this skirt, want one.

    1. DM me on Instagram, @iammarazota 💋 Because this design is for sale😊 I only have two left so..💋

  5. You really nailed this look! That skirt is so cute, and I just love the hemline and the button front detailing. Great choice to pair it with that ultra feminine cropped blouse. Such a lovely outfit.

    1. thank you❤️❤️

  6. I’m not skinny enough to wear a skirt like this but I love the style

    1. Thank you very much❤️💋

  7. GURRRRRL! I am absolutely loving this skirt! Looking like a European princess! I looooove it!

    1. It’s 40 euros in case you want to buy it. I only have one left❤️

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