The significance of pearls

I woke up this morning, happy that my hangover was gone. (There was a fun-fair in town.) I decided to stop waisting time this summer and go back to work. I wanted to shoot some photos for my blog for some time, so I thought today would be as good as any other day.

I had a Michael Kors skirt just lying in my drawer. I have never worn it, but I wanted to, for some time. I found at the thrift shop a black and gold belt that fitted great with it. I also put a black blouse with angel sleeves to complete the feminine “touch” of the outfit. One of my favorite color mix is: black, gold and beige so, I decided to wear a beige pair of vintage boots with square heels.

I looked in the mirror but it was too simple for my taste. My style is pretty eccentric. I thought that a lot of pearls around my neck and on my face will do the trick. I always loved pearls!! I remember hearing a story when I was little about Cleopatra drinking a dissolved pearl in wine, in order to prove Marc Anthony that she can devour the wealth of an entire nation in just one sip.

Basically, pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. They are believed to be calming and they balance one’s karma.

Quotes about pearls: 

1. Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.

2. “A women needs ropes and ropes of pearls” -Coco Chanel

3. “At the edge of madness you howl diamonds and pearls” -Aberjhani


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  1. Great look girl. Love the pearls!

    Xo Laura

    1. thank you sweetie💋

      XX Mara

  2. I was never into fashion that much.But I always admired it on other people, that is really cool.

    1. thank you ❤️

  3. You look like a goddess!! Love the pearls!!

    1. Thank you very much❤️😍

  4. Love the pearls! So gorgeous!

    1. thank you very much❤️❤️

  5. I do like pearls but not with everything. I love how you are wearing them as almost a hair accessory and jewelry. Today I’m coincidentally wearing pearls around my hair too!

    1. Thank you💋 Oh, I bet they look really great❤️

  6. What a unique look! Pearls really transform any outfit!

    1. Word!

  7. Really good !! I Love your post !! Your pics are awesome !!

    1. thank you❤️

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