Heading straight for the Palazzo

Style is a way of expressing who we are, it is an extenstion of our personality. Style is the result of our activities, the result of what we study, of what we read, of our hobbies, of places we like to travel to, of cultures and local habits we inspire from.

In my opinion, the concept “fashion style” is vanishing. Teenagers and most people do not have a fashion style anymore, everything is about comfort. My outfits are usually a bit different than what people wear (skinny jeans and t-shirt), that is the reason why yesterday for example, I received lots of mean looks and I heard things like “Who does she think she is?” Well, I did not know that you have to be a star in order to dress out of the ordinary.

I admit that when I go to school I dress casual because I do not have the time in the morning to create an outfit and a makeup. But when I go out, that changes. I have the time to work on my outfit.

In this outfit I wore a pair of Palazzo pants, a trend in the 60-70’s, together with a straight slim blazer from Trussardi and an extra wide belt. As for accesories, a black beret, a pair of colorful clips and Bottega Veneta Sunglasses.


  1. Wow I seriously love those palazzo pants on you! Gorgeous photos 😘 Xx

    1. thank you very much!❤

  2. You look fabulous

  3. Those pants look stunning on you :-).

    1. thank you!❤

  4. Those pants are everything !!

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