Set your goals and smile

My life has totally changed in the last year. I didn’t think that I will laugh again, but I did. Lots of times. There were days when I did not think that I will ever escape the darkness around me. I couldn’t see anyhing good in my life anymore. I was in a permanent struggle with myself and with the people I loved. I wanted to be alone, because no one could understand me. Honestly I don’t think that I could. That’s why I pushed everyone away. Some didn’t leave, they continued to believe in me although I did not. One day I decided I can not continue like this. All this sadness was not me, and I started to change. Think I did not want. So, instead of crying all day long I started working. Anything to be on step closer to my goal. And now I see photos of myself and I recognize my smile.

What I actually want to say is that you should never give up. Work for what makes you happy and one day you will be happy.

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