Life’s too short to spend it with irrelevant people.

Everything started a week ago when I went out with my friends and I met a new girl. No one really knew her but she was a friend of a friend. I don’t know about you, but after I meet someone I always ask myself what do I think about that person. Honestly I found her irrelevant. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against her, it’s just with or without her it would’ve been the same thing. I like spending time with interesting people, people that give me a good vibe. I like people with strong opinions and lots of ideas. People, with whom you can get out for a drink and talk about religion, politics, the reason behind wars, sex, love and crowd manipulation etc. After this, I started paying attention on what kind of friends other people want. In every school the girls who dress up like they are on a runway are friends with other girls who do the same. You see the “nerds” with other “nerds”, the weedsmokers with the weedsmokers and the shy ones with the shy ones. But should only one common characteristic hold everyone together like that? Where is the diversity? It’s very unlikely that all those groups have the same interests, hobbies etc.

A good friend of mine, asked me a few days ago what I liked most about him. At first I taught he was kidding so I said that I really like how he looks in his new, white, Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt. But then he looked at me and I saw he wasn’t kidding, for some reason he needed my serious answer. And I knew it. I’m friends with him because of his good energy, you can’t be upset around him. I love those kind of people. However when I asked other people of what qualities they look in friends none gave me that answer. Aren’t we supposed to want good vibes from our friends? The majority said they want honest friends, and that is logical-no one likes lies-, the next most said answer was the humor but again that is not only logical(who doesn’t want to laugh?) but it is also relative.

I was actually looking for more interesting, original answers. A person with which I talked once for hours gave me an answer that caught my attention. Along other things, he told me he looks for friends that a have a goal. Let’s focus a bit on that. People nowadays, actually most teenagers don’t have passions or dreams anymore, and the people who still have can stimulate you too. They can push you to try and work harder for what you want. They encourage you, just by being themselves to set your goals high.

In conclusion, everything I want to say is that we should look for those kind of people. People from whom we can learn and people who make us think. We should find people that teach us to make our own opinion and those people should be our friends.

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